About Us

Ptolemy is a private family office that is focussed on the development of international Industrial, manufacturing, technology and natural resource projects.

We focus on working with management teams in early stage, growth, and mature companies. Through investment and innovation we aim to help create growing and profitable businesses.

We work tirelessly to put you in a position to deliver the goals in your business plan. What this means for you is that your management and staff have the opportunity to work with experienced and knowledgeable people who have been where you are and understand what you are going through with all the stages of growth; from concept to early stage funding and later stage rounds to IPO and acquisition.

With Ptolemy you get experienced operators and the growth capital you need to reach your full potential.







Our Industries

Our investment clients are actively looking for investment-grade projects in TMT, Healthcare, Business Services, Leisure and Manufacturing. We are happy to appraise investments in any sector though should management approach us with a compelling story / product / service.


Our Geographic Coverage

We have offices in N.America, Europe and Asia, and our partners have significnat international business experience in S.America, Africa and the Middle East. We believe that big businesses can be built anywhere, and we’re not afraid to venture outside of our HQ's for the right opportunity.

Stages of Investment Pledged

We find funding for businesses from $500K up to $500mn, but our particular sweet spot is in the $10-$50mn range.